Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tear down your country's history

This 1912 green roofed "Crystal Building" is about to be torn down by developers. This building with a mansard roof has been prominent on the New York skyline for almost a hundred years and greeted countless people arriving by ship. It is standing at the old waterfront and as such has a place in Americas history. It is one of the more subtle icons of the New York skyline and a piece of American history, and is seen in countless photographs, making it an important structure.

It is eccentric and a well scaled city building. Many confuse the surrounding skyscrapers with what it "should" be. But this isn't a given, as a neighborhood needs smaller scaled buildings to be able to function at a personal level.

Here is a panoramic view of the immediate area, a common viewpoint for a visitor and residents alike. You judge what building is the most interesting one:

The most recent selling point is that "its not a real copper roof." Well, nor is it gold, but it sure is an irreplaceable piece of Manhattan. It can be kept up and fixed. I have looked at lofts in this building and they are fabulous, with lots of character and potential.

Love your country and its history. Please don't tear down this building.

Update on 3/2015:
Some other disappeared New York City buildings:

11 Stone Street
31 Desbrossess Street
47 West Street
50 Trinity Place

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